Luxury Wheelchair Friendly Pods & Cabins

Omnipods and cabins are the first accessible self-contained, glamping units on the market providing luxury holiday or living accommodation for 2 (+1) people. They are wheelchair friendly, universally accessible (which means that you can effortlessly click-in/click-out the disabled bathroom fittings in minutes) and completely inclusive with access features including; level entry, wide doors and at least 1.5m turning circles in all the right places.

For functionality, the Omnipods and cabins come with a stylish wet room with top of the range accessible bathroom fixtures, a custom built kitchen area and electrical sockets/USB ports at appropriate heights.

Our luxury pods and cabins can accommodate from 2 - 6 people, depending on your choice of options, and come equipped with key standard features and a range of optional extras which can be chosen to completely tailor your accommodation to meet your guests' needs.

Each unit is carefully crafted to the highest standard. To complement the clever design and generous internal space, every Omnipod and cabin is fabricated with low maintenance materials and are structurally guaranteed for 10 years.

Accessible Tourism

Our Accessible Range gives you unique access to a large untapped market by providing fantastic holiday accommodation for people with disabilities and their family and friends. This offers you the potential of increasing your revenue by being a key player in the popular and fast-growing glamping industry, a niche market in which there is a definite movement towards a more “up-market” experience.

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Key Standard Features:

  • Level entry for easy wheelchair access

  • Wide doors for easy access for all

  • 1.5m turning circles for freedom of movement within the Omnipod or cabin

  • Tastefully designed wet room with flexible, top of the range accessible features suitable for all ambulatory needs

  • Custom built kitchen with sink, hob and optional fridge and microwave

  • Electrical sockets & USB ports thoughtfully positioned for all accessible needs

  • Heavy duty laminate floor - perfect for wheelchairs and unsteady walkers

  • High Spec insulation and underfloor heating for year-round occupancy

  • External 2m covered canopy - perfect for sitting out in the evening.

    Additional Options:

  • Single or double orthopaedic beds for optimum versatility

  • Hoists can be added as an addition to accommodate additional mobility needs

  • Furnishing options

The Accessible Range


The perfect pad for 2 (+1) people, with kitchen, wet room and studio bedroom/living area.

Size: 8m x 4m including 2m deck


The Kingsbridge provides accommodation for 4 (+1) people, with two bedrooms, a wet room and a spacious kitchen/dining area/living space. Other configurations are available providing accommodation for up to 8 people. Available as Pod (curved roof) or Cabin (Flat Roof).

Size: 10m x 4m including 2m deck

Prices on application

In the self-catering arena it has not been easy to make properties accessible; the holiday parks are usually constructed on uneven ground, and the more luxurious lodges, cabins and caravans have evolved from the concept of camping, which has traditionally been challenging even for the able bodied.

This is why the OmniPods design presents such an exciting opportunity both for those who provide self-catered holiday breaks and for agencies like ours who foresee being able to include accessible self-catering holidays in our portfolio of handpicked accommodation.

- Michael Paul, Director of Michael Paul Holidays

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