How To Install an Omnipod or Cabin

Choosing a luxury Omnipod or Cabin is a much quicker, smoother and cheaper option than extending your home or building traditional guest accommodation. Your Omnipod or Cabin is delivered fully constructed and installation is extremely speedy. There is, however, some preparation needed to get your site ready for the arrival of your Omnipod or Cabin. This guide helps answer some of the questions you might have.

How soon will your Omnipod or Cabin be ready for delivery?

We build all our Ominpods and Cabins to order and to your desired specifications. They are then delivered to your site pre-fabricated and ready for a speedy installation. An order for a single unit will take 8 weeks to complete. For larger orders, the first unit will be ready for delivery after 8 weeks; we can then complete 2 units per week after the initial 8 week lead time.

Preparing your site for your Omnipod or Cabin

Once your Omnipod or Cabin has been delivered it's very quick and easy to install. But you will need to prepare the site before delivery.

Rest assured, we'll talk you through the whole process when you place your order and will give you plenty of support and advice along the way. On the day of delivery one of our team will be available either on site or at the end of the phone to help you with your set up. We understand this is an important purchase for you so we do everything we can to ensure it all runs as smoothly as possible.

To put your mind at ease, here's an idea of what will need to be done on your site before delivery.

The Base

Your Omnipod or Cabin will need to sit on a hard standing area. This means that the area where you would like your Omnipod or Cabin to be situated must be a flat surface with a solid base of hardcore, concrete or concrete slabs.


Finding the Perfect Position

The exact position of your Omnipod or Cabin may depend on your local planning regulations so be sure to get in touch with your local planning office before you start work. But do remember to consider how you will use and access your garden pod or cabin before preparing the base.

Think about the position of the sun throughout the day and how the rest of your property is used by your family or guests, especially in terms of privacy.

Base Size

The prepared area needs to be 4m (W) x 8m (L) in size. If you need a ramp for wheelchair access you'll need one additional meter on all sides. The exception to this is if you're going for a sunken base - in which case access will be at ground level. If you choose this option ensure that you have a sunken depth of 0.5m.

Water, Drainage and Electricity Connections

When preparing your site you'll need to consider the following to connect your Omnipod or Cabin to your services:

  • Mains drainage or septic tank: 4 inch drainage pipe

  • Water supply: standard sized water hose

  • Electricity: 32 amp connection with breaker – similar to a caravan hook up

You'll need to book an electrician and plumber to connect the services once your Omnipod or Cabin has been delivered. It's a very straightforward connection, but would be best performed by a suitably qualified person.


Delivery is not included in the price so you'll need to get a quote for this; but we are happy to give recommendations of great haulage companies who are used to moving our Omnipods and Cabins.

Here are some things to consider when arranging delivery:

Your Omnipod or Cabin will be delivered as a fully constructed unit so bear in mind that all routes to the site need to be at least as wide as your Omnipod or Cabin. The required height clearance will depend on the lorry - a flatbed lorry will need more clearance, for example. Your haulage company can offer you advice on this.

If your Omnipod or Cabin can be delivered directly from the lorry to the base, you won't need any further transport. If, however, a lorry can't access the area then you'll need to arrange for a tractor or other 4-wheel drive vehicle to be on site at the time of delivery to tow the unit to the base.


Once your Omnipod or Cabin has all been connected all you need to do is furnish it and then it's ready to enjoy. We offer a tasteful furnished package but you are welcome to furnish it yourself to your own particular taste.


As you can see, you don't need to do much to gain extra living space in your garden or luxury guest accommodation. Hopefully this guide gives you an idea of the entire process of preparing for and installing your Omnipod or Cabin but if you have any further questions please do get in touch!